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Interactive Dialogue with the Independent Expert for Somalia
September 25, 2014

Interactive Dialogue with the Independent Expert for Somalia
UN Human Rights Council – 27th Session
September 23, 2014
As Delivered by Divya Khosla


Thank you, Mr. President.

The United States expresses its appreciation for the reporting of the Independent Expert, Mr. Bahame Nyanduga.

We believe it is important for you to visit Somalia soon.  Rapid progress on political processes and civilian protection are of vital importance.

We agree with the IE that judicial and security sector reform is a key factor for building a sustainable democratic system in Somalia.  We encourage you to provide the federal government with assistance in establishing a national human rights commission.

The United States looks forward to the IE’s engagement in security sector reform.  Security force personnel, including those of the Somali National Army, the police, and the African Union Mission in Somalia, must fully respect human rights to be effective.

In addition, they should demonstrate a commitment to accountability for any reports of abuses.  We agree that there must be zero tolerance for sexual exploitation and abuse.

With respect to political processes, the federal government must make urgent progress on federalism, constitutional review and the 2016 national elections.

These efforts should be completed in an inclusive manner that protects and promotes human rights and fundamental freedoms.  This will help form the basis for governance rooted in respect for human rights and democratic principles.

Finally, we urge the federal government to work with stakeholders to protect civilians and make progress on institution building.


When do you think you may be able to visit the country and how will you engage with partners on justice and security sector reform?

How will you aid the government in establishing an independent national human rights commission?

Thank you, Mr. President.