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U.S. Speaks Out Against Violence Within the Family
September 15, 2014

Panel on Protection of the Family
Joint Statement
As Delivered by Eric Richardson
27th Session of the UN Human Rights Council
September 15, 2014

Thank you, Mr. President, and Madame Chair.

On behalf of a likeminded group of States, including Chile, Colombia, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Uruguay, we welcome today’s important panel on protection of the family.  Strong families contribute to strong societies.  Individuals can thrive when there is love, support, and respect within the home.  But one element that destroys these bonds is violence within the family.

Violence within the family can come in many forms.  A child can suffer from sexual abuse by a parent or sibling.  An elder can be assaulted by a family caregiver.  Both men and women can be victimized through spousal or partner abuse.  And unfortunately, there are many more ways individuals can fall victim to those in their own family.

Freedom from violence is a cornerstone of a just and stable society.  Our countries are committed to preventing violence within the family by protecting those who are vulnerable to this violence, assisting survivors, and bringing perpetrators to justice.   We deplore these crimes in all forms and look forward to working with other states to brainstorm solutions.

Members of the panel: in light of the unfortunate fact that, at times, violence is perpetrated within families, what are your thoughts on how states can promote ‎strong families while also ensuring that we are able to promote and protect the human rights of all individuals?