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The Cost of Corruption – Join a Live Web Conversation Sept 3, 2014
September 2, 2014

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Submit questions via Twitter using #StateofRights, watch them be answered live at 10:00 am ET (4 p.m. Geneva time) on Wednesday, 9/03/14

What is the cost of corruption on our values, our prosperity, and our security? Corruption tramples the aspirations of citizens, weakens judicial independence and the rights of civil society organizations, and hurts local and international businesses. And, in many countries, corruption and poor human rights practices are intertwined.

Join the U.S. Department of State for the launch of the State of Rights series on Wednesday, September 3rd, at the OpenGov Hub for a discussion on the topic of governance and corruption. As the first in a series of conversations through the State of Rights series, the Department of State is happy to host the following speakers:

The event will be moderated by Nathaniel Heller, Executive Director at Global Integrity – follow on Twitter: @Integrilicious.

Each panelist will present their work in these areas for 3-5 minutes, after which, we will open the floor for dialogue, and take questions from our online participants. You can submit questions and follow the latest news on the series on Twitter using #StateOfRights.

Watch Live Here

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“State of Rights” is a public diplomacy initiative that brings together experts and citizens for an interactive dialogue on global trends that affect both emerging powers and fledgling democracies. By using the Twitter hashtag #StateofRights, online audiences can join the discussion and debate on policies of global importance and engage government and policy leaders during regularly scheduled online conversations as well as continue the conversation online after each event. Each event in the series will be translated into global languages and archived to allow civil society organizations and others to easily download the discussions and share through local networks.