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U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit
August 6, 2014

President Obama hosted a White House Dinner on the Occasion of the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit

The U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit is an historic opportunity to strengthen ties with our African partners and highlight America’s longstanding commitment to investing in Africa’s development and its people.  During the U.S.-Africa Business Forum on August 5, the President announced $33billion in new components by the U.S. government and partners, representing a major and long standing investment by the United States in Africa’s progress.

At the same time that Africa is growing economically, conflict, crime, and terrorism continue to threaten many communities and constrain the continent’s prosperity.  The Summit will advance shared goals to build African capacity to counter transnational threats and participate in U.N. and African Union peace operations.

The Summit will also underscore our longstanding investment in strong democratic institutions and Africa’s next generation of leaders.  We support the aspirations of Africans for more open and accountable governance and respect for human rights, and we are deepening our connection with Africa’s young leaders who are promoting positive change in their communities.