All articles from: July, 2014

Visa Restrictions Against Human Rights Abusers in Venezuela

With this step we underscore our commitment to holding accountable individuals who commit human rights abuses.

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The United States Contributes $378 Million in Additional Funding to Syria

Secretary Kerry: Nearly 11 million Syrians today are struggling to survive one of the worst humanitarian crises in living memory.

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Obama on Further Sanctions on Russia Regarding Ukraine

Today, and building on the measures we announced two weeks ago, the United States is imposing new sanctions in key sectors of the Russian economy: energy, arms, and finance. We’re blocking the exports of specific goods and technologies to the Russian energy sector…

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Delaying Action on Climate Change Will Increase Costs, Risks

Jason Furman is the chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisors, which prepared The Cost of Delaying Action to Stem Climate Change.

The report is based on evidence that climate change already is affecting the United States with increased storm severity, harsh drought conditions and rising sea levels encroaching upon coastal areas.

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USAID to Invest $38 Million in New Regional Leadership Centers

New regional leadership centers aim to expand opportunities for young Africans like these attendees at President Obama’s town hall in Washington July 28.

The centers will focus on engaging leaders aged 18 to 35 from a variety of backgrounds to offer accessible leadership training, incubating organizations and entrepreneurship, and to support professional connections among African leaders.

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Ambassador Michael Punke’s Statement at the WTO General Council

The United States stands behind its word. We have followed through in good faith on every commitment we made, and we’re ready to continue to do so. We believe that the vast majority of WTO Members take their obligations seriously.

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Contracting Opportunities – professional appliances

The US Mission Geneva has a requirement to purchase the following equipment.

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Exceptional International Development Projects Win U.S. Awards

Four women and a man walking single file through green rice fields (AP Images)

The U.S. Treasury Department announced awards for exceptional development projects undertaken by the multilateral development banks (MDBs).

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Statement by Ambassador Power on the Striking of an UNRWA School in the Gaza Strip

As we have said before, UN facilities must be respected and protected, and we call on all parties to act consistently with this principle.

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Statement by Samantha Power on Meriam Yahya Ibrahim Ishag

While we are relieved that the Government of Sudan allowed Ms. Ishag to leave the country, we call on Khartoum to repeal the laws that put her in jail in the first place.

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