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EJournalLGBT2Looking Back, Looking Forward

02 April 2014

In this issue of EJ|USA, I have enjoyed looking both back and forward.

Whether reading Assistant Secretary Evan Ryan’s contribution on the work done to preserve ancient sites or in my research for the piece on the anniversary of D-Day, I find that history is personal. (My father landed on the beach in Normandy in June 1944, and I grew up hearing stories about his experience and impressions of wartime Europe.)

This issue also offers a feature on history in the making in its coverage of gay rights. U.S. public opinion is undergoing a shift toward protecting the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people.

President Obama has voiced his support for marriage equality for same-sex couples, as have many other public figures. These stories are personal too. Supporters of gay rights include people like Senator Rob Portman of Ohio, whose gay son urged his father to reconsider his earlier views that marriage could only take place between a man and a woman. EJ|USA includes stories of courageous people working to guarantee LGBT rights everywhere, from athletic fields to school hallways to the workplace.

Many Americans (including me) have gay family members, and we stand with them. All of us deserve the same rights, protections and opportunities. It is simple justice, and it is the American way.

— Lauren Monsen

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