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U.S. Statement at the Adoption of the UPR Working Group Report for Israel
March 27, 2014

25th Session of the Human Rights Council
March 27, 2014

The United States welcomes Israel’s statement and appreciates the opportunity to comment on the adoption of its UPR Working Group report.  We look forward to Israel’s continued engagement with the HRC.

We commend Israel for its strong commitment and track record in upholding human rights, political freedom, and civil liberties.  Israel is justifiably proud of its democratic traditions and values, its free elections, and its open society.  In the spirit of seeking to strengthen these commitments and make our societies even freer, we encourage Israel to implement the recommendations we have made, many of which were also recommended by other likeminded states.  These recommendations pertain to women’s rights, equitable allocation of resources to Arab Israeli and Bedouin communities, and efficient refugee status processing and detention adjudication for asylum seekers and migrants.

We also supported the recommendation made by the United Kingdom and Germany regarding the second Turkel Commission report.

We are concerned that some states issued recommendations to Israel that clearly fall outside the scope and mandate of this Council and the UPR review process and should only be addressed by the Israeli and Palestinian parties jointly as part of a process of direct bilateral negotiations.

We look forward to working closely with Israel in protecting and promoting human rights.

Thank you.