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Road Surface Marking Services
February 11, 2014

Announcement – Road Surface Marking Services

The U.S. Mission Geneva has a requirement to obtain services for the painting of sidewalk curbs and  road traffic marking.  The works will take place at the Mission grounds located  in Route de Pregny 11, 1292 Chambesy. Below is a brief description of the scope of work:

1.  Reception and Ramp area

  • Cleaning, repair, painting, tracing adhesive tape : around 150 yellow marks on the traffic road ( 025cm*060cm )
  • Cleaning, scraping, preparations and painting of 250 ml sidewalk curb ( yellow or black )
  • Cleaning, repair and tracing adhesive tape of crosswalk/all security line ( 31 ml ) and stop line mark

2.  Parking area :

  • Cleaning, scraping, preparations and painting of 580 ml sidewalk curb ( yellow )
  • Cleaning, repair, tracing adhesive tape 35 ml  ( zebra yellow and black )

Interested qualified companies should contact the procurement office at GenevaProcurement@state.gov – or by phone 022 749 4651 for additional information.  Site visits will be arranged upon request.