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Government Crackdown on Protests in Sudan
September 27, 2013

Government Crackdown on Protests in Sudan
Press Statement

Jen Psaki
Department Spokesperson, Office of the Spokesperson
Washington, DC

September 27, 2013

The United States condemns the Government of Sudan’s brutal crackdown on protesters in Khartoum, including the excessive use of force against civilians that has reportedly resulted in dozens of casualties. Such a heavy-handed approach by Sudanese security forces is disproportionate, deeply concerning, and risks escalation of the unrest.

The United States condemns violence by government forces and protesters, and urges restraint on both sides. We also call on the Government of Sudan to respect the universal rights of its citizens, including the freedoms of speech, assembly, and peaceful protest.

We are further alarmed by reports that the Sudanese government has arrested or detained civil society activists, shut down independent media, and restricted access to the internet and cell phone networks; activities such as these inhibit peaceful expression of citizens’ grievances.

We urge the Government of Sudan to provide the political space necessary for a meaningful dialogue with the Sudanese people about the political and economic challenges facing their country.