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Flag Ceremony for Retiring Ambassador Laura E. Kennedy
July 19, 2013

Flag Ceremony for Retiring Ambassador Laura E. Kennedy

Under Secretary William Burns presents the Secretary's Career Achievement Award to Ambassador Laura E. Kennedy July 12, 2013.

Remarks by William Burns
Under Secretary of State
“Laura is courageous.  She has never shied away from taking on the toughest assignments and the most intractable policy challenges.  As Ambassador, she stood up for human rights in Ashgabat.  She was on the frontlines of our humanitarian relief efforts during Operation Provide Comfort.  She went toe to toe, proverb to proverb, and if duty to country demanded it, vodka to vodka, with Russia’s toughest negotiators during arms control talks in Vienna and Geneva and two separate postings in Moscow.” Full Text of Remarks
Remarks by Rose Gottemoeller
Acting Under Secretary for Arms Control and International Security
“I’ve seen first-hand, both within the CD and in many related meetings and conferences outside the CD, how her dedication and contributions have advanced U.S. foreign policy objectives.  Her creativity, finesse, and skillful diplomacy have been remarkable and instrumental in forging new and stronger U.S. relationships that span the globe.”  Full Text

Acting Under Secretary Rose Gottemoeller and Ambassador Laura E. Kennedy
Acting Under Secretary Rose Gottemoeller and Ambassador Laura E. Kennedy
 GreenfieldKennedy Remarks by Linda Thomas Greenfield
Director General of the Foreign Service
“Ambassador Kennedy has dedicated her life to public service. Her Foreign Service career has taken her across the globe, to dozens of countries, and she has had the opportunity to touch millions of lives in the process. Her career has been marked by numerous policy achievements for the United States, policy achievements abroad, and also helped shape the future of the Foreign Service and how we conduct global diplomacy.”  Full Text of Remarks
Ambassador Laura E. Kennedy at her Flag Ceremony with Husband John Sweeny and sons Martin and

Remarks by Ambassador Laura E. Kennedy
“How blessed we are to be in this profession, seeking to advance to common good and having amazing experiences along the way. For me, most of all that means the people with whom I’ve worked along the way, both domestic and foreign. Starting at the top, my service was bookended by two extraordinary secretaries of state, Henry Kissinger and Hillary Clinton…” Full Text of Remarks