Remarks by Director General Thomas-Greenfield at Retirement Ceremony for Ambassador Kennedy

Remarks by Director General Linda Thomas-Greenfield Flag Ceremony — Ambassador Laura E. Kennedy Friday, July 12, 2013 As Prepared for Delivery Thank you.  Good afternoon, distinguished guests, and welcome to the Treaty Room for the flag presentation ceremony for the United States (Former) Ambassador to the Conference on Disarmament, the Honorable Laura E. Kennedy.  We ...
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Remarks by Acting Under Secretary Rose Gottemoeller at Flag Ceremony for Ambassador Laura Kennedy

I’ve seen first-hand, both within the CD and in many related meetings and conferences outside the CD, how her dedication and contributions have advanced U.S. foreign policy objectives. Her creativity, finesse, and skillful diplomacy have been remarkable and instrumental in forging new and stronger U.S. relationships that span the globe.
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The United Nations: Partner in Peace, Stability, Security

The United Nations: Partner in Peace, Stability, Security IIP Photo Galleries 01 July 2013   President Obama believes the United Nations can be extraordinarily constructive and an important partner in bringing peace, stability and security to the world. The bedrock of international cooperation must be a community of states committed to solving collective problems, the ...
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