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Global Review of Aid for Trade
June 17, 2013

4th Global Review of Aid for Trade
US Sponsored Side Event and Reception

11:00 – 13:00
July 9, 2013, Room D, WTO

Africa Can Compete!
Cases of Africa Succeeding in Global Markets


More than 40% of the world’s cashews are grown in Africa.  Yet for too long, Africa’s cashews have been exported to other countries for processing, denying Africa the value-added afforded by local processing.  Sheanut is another indigenous African product that has served as a traditional source of nutrition in Africa but is only recently being recognized for its potential as a premium ingredient in food and cosmetic products.

This side event will tell the story of these two value chains and discuss the catalyzing role that USAID has played in the creation of the African Cashew Alliance (ACA) and the Global Shea Alliance (GSA).  The session will offer insights regarding the role donors can play in bringing together a wide range of African and international stakeholders, all of whom have an interest in creating competitive industries, linked to global markets and providing economic growth opportunities for all involved.

Introductory Remarks:  Eric Postel  Assistant Administrator, Bureau for Economic Growth, Education and Environment, US Agency for International Development

Moderator:  Tjada McKenna, Deputy Coordinator for Development for Feed the Future, Bureau for Food Security, US Agency for International Development

African Cashew Alliance (ACA)

  • Georgette Tarraf, President of African Cashew Alliance Executive Committee and President of NAD & Co, Cotonou, Benin
  • Theodore Partheeban, Vice President, Olam International and Board Member of ACA
  • Arie Endendijk, Procurement Director, Intersnack

Global Shea Alliance (GSA)

  • Hajiya Salima Makama, President, Executive Committee, Global Shea Alliance
  • Prince Asante, Deputy Managing Director, Ghana Nut
  • Christian Sinobas, COO PlaNet Finance/Star Shea
  • Christian Merz, Project Manager, SAP


French and English interpretation available
and refreshments provided following the panel