All articles from: June, 2013

U.S. Estimates Its Ability to Store Carbon Underground

Basaltic rock

Washington, June 27, 2013 The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) has calculated the carbon storage capacity of the United States. The data can be used in a strategy to counter climate change by storing carbon emissions in rock to prevent their release into the atmosphere. The United States has the potential to store about 3,000 metric […]

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Obama Praises Senegal as Example of Democratic Accountability

President Obama and Senegal's President Macky

President Obama said Africa is “a continent on the move,” with six of the 10 fastest-growing economies in the world, and he highlighted Senegal as one of Africa’s most stable democracies and strongest U.S. partners.

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World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Diplomatic Conference, Marrakesh, Morocco

The United States believes profoundly, in the words of our Supreme Court, that copyright law is “the engine of free expression,” …

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U.S. Statement on the 24th Round of Geneva Discussions on the Conflict in Georgia

The United States continues to call on all sides to focus the discussions on substance rather than format in order to make tangible improvements to the lives of those living in conflict-affected communities.

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Key Facts on U.S.-European Union Economic, Strategic Partnership

In the G-8, G-20, the WTO and the OECD, the United States and the EU work together to promote an open, transparent, and non-discriminatory trade and investment climate worldwide.

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Common Pursuit of Peace Ties Kuwait and U.S.

Secretary John Kerry and Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sheikh Sabah Khalid Al-Hamad Al-Sabah

Kuwait and the United States share ties rooted in history and their common pursuit of peace, says U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry.

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U.S. Officials Highlight Opportunity for Ethiopia’s Future

Two health extension workers at an Ethiopian health post

Ethiopia is “an important partner” of the United States in the East Africa region and one of the fastest-growing economies in the world.

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Obama Has New Plan for Climate Change, Carbon Reduction

President Obama

President Obama outlined his latest proposals to reduce U.S. carbon emissions and prepare the nation for climate change.

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Statement by the United States at the June 25, 2013, DSB Meeting

Statement by the United States at the June 25, 2013, DSB Meeting.

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U.S. is Prepared to Ensure a Strong, Relevant, and Robust CD

Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Anita E. Friedt delivering the U.S. Statement at the Conference on Disarmament

The United States stands with those who seek real and rapid progress on arms control and disarmament.

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