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Human Rights Conditions in Iran Continue to Worsen, U.S. Statement in Support of HRC Resolution
March 22, 2013

U.S. Statement in Support of the Resolution on the Human Rights situation in Iran
As Delivered by Ambassador Eileen Chamberlain Donahoe

HRC 22 – March 2013

Mr. President,

Special Rapporteur Ahmed Shaheed provides the most complete, independent, and unbiased reporting available to the international community today regarding the human rights situation in Iran.  The Special Rapporteur’s strong work to date, which documents persistent patterns of systemic abuses by the Iranian government, indicates the strong need for this body to renew his mandate for a third year.  While the United States regrets that the Iranian government has not allowed the Special Rapporteur to visit Iran in order to carry out the mandate the international community has called on him to fulfill, we strongly support the Rapporteur’s mission as human rights conditions in the Islamic Republic continue to worsen.

The United States looks forward to future reports from the Special Rapporteur, and reiterates its strong support for the resolution to renew his mandate before the Council today.

Thank you Mr. President.