All articles from: March, 2013

Russia WTO Accession

United States and Russia

President Obama’s Signature Paves Way for Permanent Normal Trade Relations with Russia and Moldova. On August 22, 2012, Russia became the 156th Member of the World Trade Organization (WTO). On December 14, 2012, the President signed legislation – which had been approved overwhelmingly by the U.S. Congress – terminating the application of Jackson-Vanik and extending […]

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U.S. Providing Humanitarian, Nonlethal Aid to Syria

Syrian refugees

The U.S. is providing an “exceptional amount” of humanitarian aid to the Syrian people and rising levels of nonlethal assistance to the Syrian opposition.

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U.S. Welcomes U.N. Conclusions on Status of Women

close up of a young girl

Following a major international women’s conference, members of the U.N. Commission on the Status of Women agreed that all nations have a responsibility to protect women and girls from violence and discrimination in the world today.

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Job Announcement: Housekeeper (as Domestique privé)

This is a job opportunity announcement for Contractual Employment as Domestic Staff (Domestique privé) working in the private residence of a U.S. Mission official.

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Kerry, Karzai on “Same Page” Regarding Taliban Contacts

Secretary of State John Kerry and the U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan, James Cunningham, meet Afghan President Hamid Karzai

Secretary of State John Kerry says the United States and Afghanistan are “on the same page” regarding an Afghan-led peace process involving contacts with the Taliban.

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Statement by the United States at the March 26, 2013, DSB Meeting

The United States provided a status report in this dispute on March 14, 2013, in accordance with Article 21.6 of the DSU.

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Secretary Kerry and Afghan President Karzai in Kabul

Today, Afghanistan is managing three very significant transitions: a security transition, a political transition, and an economic transition and America will continue to support the Afghan people through all three of these transitions.

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Ambassador Kennedy Addresses the CD on Nuclear Nonproliferation Obligations

The United States recognizes the importance many countries place on security assurances. My Government has provided such assurances to states that have renounced nuclear weapons and that are in full compliance with their nuclear nonproliferation obligations.

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Key U.S. Outcomes at the UN Human Rights Council 22nd Session

The 22nd Session of the Human Rights Council (HRC) underscored the importance of robust engagement at the Council, where the United States continues to work with a diverse range of countries from all regions of the world to address urgent human rights concerns.

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U.S. Taking “Bold Steps” to Expand Trade in 2013

South Koreans celebrate holding South Korean and American flags

“President Obama’s trade agenda for 2013 calls for continued progress and bold steps. It will support greater economic growth and jobs for more Americans.”

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