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Marshall Plan’s 65th Anniversary
June 6, 2012

Statement by Mark Toner, Deputy Spokesperson
On the Occasion of the 65th Anniversary of the Announcement of the Marshall Plan

U.S. Department of State
Office of the Spokesperson
June 5, 2012Marshall Plan poster with a ship

Sixty-five years ago today, Secretary of State George C. Marshall outlined the details of a plan to assist Europe in its recovery from the ravages of the Second World War in an address at Harvard University. The Marshall Plan stands as a testament to the United States’ commitment to a free and prosperous Europe. Through the Marshall Plan, Americans and Europeans together contributed to the revival of Europe and in so doing, charted the future development of the democratic world.

Looking at all that the United States and Europe have accomplished together over the past 65 years, we celebrate the wisdom of Secretary Marshall and his contemporaries – leaders who dared to dream of a common transatlantic future – and the subsequent generations of Americans and Europeans whose dedication and industry made those dreams a reality. With Europe as the cornerstone of America’s engagement with the world, the United States can approach the challenges of a complex, globalized world with the same principles, energy and confidence as those Secretary Marshall bequeathed to us.