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US Urges Venezuela to Ensure Judicial Independence, Put End to Anti-Semitic Commentary by Officials
UPR Report Adoption Recommendations for Venezuela
March 15, 2012

Statement by the Delegation of the United States of America

Human Rights Council 19th Session


The United States acknowledges the return of Deputy Foreign Minister Porras and the rest of the Venezuelan delegation to the UPR Adoption session.

We note that Venezuela accepted recommendations from several countries that include the need for the Venezuelan government to counter crime and trafficking and promote citizen safety; to support the promotion of human rights and democracy; to establish open consultations with civil society; and to improve prison conditions.  We urge the Government of Venezuela to take seriously its commitment to these recommendations and fully implement them in deed and spirit.

We note that recommendations 96.13 through 96.21, which did not enjoy the support of Venezuela, all called for the Government to respect the independence of the judiciary.  We urge the Government of Venezuela to reconsider, investigate allegations of executive branch interference in judicial decision-making, and agree to fully implement these recommendations as a matter of priority.  We also call on the government to direct officials to cease anti-Semitic commentary and condemn any such statements when they occur.

We encourage the Government to accept visits to Venezuela by UN special rapporteurs in order to work jointly to address these issues.

Thank you.