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HRC Resolution on Syria Sends Forceful Message About International Community’s Outrage
March 1, 2012

Statement by Ambassador Eileen Chamberlain Donahoe
U.S. Representative to the Human Rights Council
Following Adoption of the Resolution on Syria

The outcome of today’s vote at the Human Rights Council speaks for itself. It sends a forceful message about the international community’s outrage at the ongoing human rights violations and deepening humanitarian crisis created by the Assad regime.

Over the past weeks the Syrian regime has intensified its inhumane campaign of cruelty in defiance of its obligations under human rights law. It has continued to block emergency humanitarian relief that is so desperately needed to respond to the humanitarian crisis caused by these gross human rights violations.

We urge all states to assist the Syrian people in their time of need as they struggle to realize their aspirations for universal human rights.  The three countries that chose to vote no at the Human Rights Council today find themselves isolated from the strong international consensus on the need to protect the people of Syria.