All articles from: November, 2011

Campaign to Put Mobile Phones in Women’s Hands Gains Momentum

Women in the developing world are 21% less likely than men to own a mobile phone

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Australian Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd, today announced a new three-year partnership with the GSMA mWomen Programme to increase mobile phone ownership among women in the developing world.

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U.S. Statement on the Rights of Minority Women

The United States is deeply committed to promoting and investing in the rights of minority women—their rights are human rights.

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U.S. Response to Report by OSCE Representative for Press Freedom

While there is great cause for concern about media freedom east of Vienna, let me be clear that there are also concerns west of Vienna.

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Clinton Attending Global Summit on Aid Programs

The Summit on the Horn of Africa Crisis in Nairobi

Secretary Hillary Clinton will attend the meeting in Busan, South Korea, demonstrating the Obama administration’s policy that investing in the social development of poor nations is an important element of U.S. foreign policy. Supporting the creation of more prosperous nations and partnerships to address global challenges is viewed as action that helps national security objectives, according to various statements made by Clinton and President Obama over the last two years.

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U.S. Reaffirms its Deep and Abiding Commitment to International Humanitarian Law at ICRC Conference

During the last decade, the United States has learned important lessons, and has worked very hard to ensure that we conduct all aspects of armed conflict – in particular, detention operations – in a manner consistent not just with the applicable laws of war, but also with the Constitution and laws of the United States.

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Release of the Commission of Inquiry Report on the Human Rights Situation in Syria

Amb Donahoe: This report amplifies an already growing chorus of international condemnation and call for action. It is clear to anyone who reads it that Assad’s unwillingness to end his regime’s violence is taking Syria down a very dangerous path despite efforts led by the Syrian people to start a peaceful transition to democracy.

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U.S. Statement on the Trade Policy Review of Thailand


The United States warmly welcomes the delegation from Bangkok led by Director-General SRIRAT Rastapana of the Commerce Ministry’s Department of Trade Negotiations to this, Thailand’s sixth Trade Policy Review.

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USAID, Ethiopians Banks Partner to Provide Access to Credit

Ethiopian Farmers in the field

USAID and three Ethiopian private banks — the Bank of Abyssinia, NIB Bank and Zemen Bank — signed two new agreements November 22 that will offer greater access to credit for projects in agriculture and health.

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Statement by the Press Secretary on Recent Developments in Egypt

In Egypt over the past several days, we have seen protesters demand the realization of these principles. We have condemned the excessive use of force against them and called for restraint on all sides. We deeply regret the loss of life, and urge the Egyptian authorities to implement an independent investigation into the circumstances of those deaths. But the situation Egypt faces requires a more fundamental solution, devised by Egyptians, which is consistent with universal principles.

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U.S. Deeply Disappointed by CCW’s Failure to Conclude Procotol on Cluster Munitions

The protocol would have led to the immediate prohibition of many millions of cluster munitions; placed the remaining cluster munitions under a detailed set of restrictions and regulations; and subjected member states to a detailed list of additional obligations on issues such as clearance, transparency and destruction, all of which would have led to a substantial humanitarian impact on the ground.

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