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Statement by Ambassador Bosworth Following Day of “Intensive Discussions” with DPRK Delegation
October 24, 2011

Statement by Ambassador Stephen Bosworth
United States Special Representative for North Korea Policy
October 24, 2011
Kempinski Hotel, Geneva, Switzerland

Good evening, it’s good to see you all. We have had a good day of talks. I think we are moving in a positive direction. We have narrowed some differences but we still have differences that we have to resolve. Ambassador Davies and I and our team have been conducting very intensive discussions with the DPRK delegation. We had dinner tonight which was a very positive dinner and we look forward to continuing discussions tomorrow. We will continue to try to narrow differences. As you know our goal is to find a solid foundation on which to launch a resumption of discussions both bilateral and multilateral and we will continue to work hard to bring that about. I want to thank the government of Switzerland for their support and their contribution to this enterprise. We are grateful to them. So, thank you all. We will have another session tomorrow morning and at some point tomorrow afternoon I will again meet with representatives of the media and try to give you some idea as to where we are. I am neither optomistic nor pessimistic but as I said we have made some progress but we have issues still to resolve and we will work hard to do that. Thank you.