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The U.S. Mission sponsors Mona Sfeir’s “Recycling Labyrinth” for World Environment Day
June 6, 2011

The “Recycling Labyrinth” at the Palais des Nations in Geneva


In commemoration of World Environment Day, the U.S. Mission is sponsoring Mona Sfeir’s “Recycling Labyrinth” a work of art comprised of 8,000 plastic bottles, the number of bottles that go into landfills worldwide every second, at the Palais des Nations in Geneva.

The focus of this work of art is to call attention to the challenge of global waste management. Mona explained that “To reduce, reuse and recycle are very important steps in dealing with our waste and this strategy has long been the focus for many environmentalists… However, I made this piece together with local volunteers to emphasize that it is time for us to eliminate the concept of waste all together.  We need to develop solutions that bring environmentalists and industrialists together with the common goals of living harmoniously with our planet and creating human prosperity—this can only happen if we redesign our products and packaging from the very beginning.”

Douglas Griffiths, U.S. Mission, Chargé d’Affaires, remarked that this project fits in well with the U.S. Mission’s efforts to build awareness for global environmental issues, such as global waste management.  The U.S. Mission is a member of the League of Green Embassies and has a green team and a recycling program, which contributed a substantial number of these bottles to the labyrinth.

Please join us at the opening of the exhibition at the Bar Serpent this evening at 6pm.  See attached invitation, UN Badges are required.


The exhibit will be on display for the next two weeks.  Come by some time to walk through the labyrinth and bring your friends, family and contacts along.