All articles from: April, 2011

Human Rights Council Unequivocally Condemns Use of Lethal Violence Against Peaceful Protests in Syria

Press Statement by Ambassador Eileen Chamberlain Donahoe Following the Adoption by the Human Rights Council of a Resolution on the Current Human Rights Situation in Syria April 29, 2011 The Human Rights Council (HRC) today adopted a resolution establishing an urgent fact finding Mission by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights to […]

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Ambassador Donahoe Speaks with the Press at HRC Special Session on Syria

This past week the facts on the ground in Syria focused our attention and galvanized the international community to act. So today’s Special Session is very important for two reasons, and we have two goals in holding this session.

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Remarks by Ambassador Punke in the Trade Negotiations Committee

Ambassador Michael Punke (archive photo)

In remarks to the TNC on the current state of the Doha Round, Amb. Punke stated that “The United States has not given up on Doha, but we believe that the negotiations and the WTO more broadly, cannot avoid hard truths… As long as there are willing partners, we are willing to work together to find solutions.”

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HRC Special Session on Syria – Statement by Ambassador Donahoe

Ambassdor Donahoe Speaking at the HRC Special Session on Syria

Members of the Human Rights Council are gathered today to express our outrage at the extreme violence used by the Syrian government to silence their citizens’ universal rights to freedom of expression, peaceful assembly, and participation in the affairs of their state. We condemn their brutal methods of silencing dissent, through shooting unarmed peaceful demonstrators and torture.

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U.S. Mission Geneva Recognized as a Model of Green Diplomacy

Greening Diplomacy Initiative

The United States Mission to the United Nations is very pleased to have been selected as a model of green diplomacy and environmental stewardship under a new award created by the U.S. Department of State. The U.S. Mission was chosen as the runner up in the first annual Greening Diplomacy Initiative (GDI) award, which recognizes leadership and innovation in sustainability projects at State Department buildings around the world.

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Walking in The Footsteps of Women in the Developing World to Celebrate Earth Day 2011

Women in Senegal such as this walked an average of 6 kilometers to fetch clean water daily. (USAID photo)

Under Secretary Maria Otero, “While nearly a billion people worldwide live without access to clean water, the crisis disproportionately affects women and girls. On average, women in developing countries walk 6 kilometers a day to collect water.”

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Ambassador Ron Kirk: Remarks to the Washington International Trade Association

United States Trade Representative, Ambassador Ron Kirk

Ambassador Ron Kirk remarks “Nobody wants to give up on Doha, because we all know that this negotiation offers unique opportunities for deep and comprehensive trade liberalization on a multilateral level. We are continuing to work so that we can seize every available chance to achieve those opportunities.

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WTO Trade Policy Review of Paraguay

Ambassador Michael Punke

The United States continues to commend the government of Paraguay for its commitment to reform. The government reports that its commitment was validated economically in 2010 by an increase of 14.5 percent in real GDP over 2009.

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U.S. Supports Humanitarian Aid Operations for Libya


The United States continues to partner with local and international organizations and has so far supplied $47 million in humanitarian aid for Libya, says Mark Bartolini of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).

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Human Rights Council to Hold Special Session on Syria – Statement by Ambassador Donahoe

Syrian Women March in Protest - © AP Image

The United States, working with countries from all regions of the world, initiated a Special Session of the Human Rights Council on Syria to address egregious human rights violations currently being perpetrated by the Syrian government. The international community has been shocked by the killing of hundreds of civilians in connection with peaceful political protests in the past week. We strongly condemn the killing, arrest and torture of hundreds of Syrians by the Syrian authorities.

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