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U.S. EOV on International Solidarity
March 23, 2011

International Solidarity

U.S. Explanation of Vote

Human Rights Council

Geneva, Switzerland
March 23, 2011

Thank you Mr. President,

The United States would like to express its concern with the proposal to temporarily extend the mandate for the International Expert on Human Rights and International Solidarity. This draft decision was submitted to the Council several days after the deadline last Thursday. The acceptance of this text is unusual and well outside the normal Rules of Procedure. We fully understand that during the Session it is possible and probable that certain items can be accidentally overlooked, but it is important for this body to operate by its rules, for the sake of all delegations and for the institution. Additionally, Council members were not given the time or opportunities to discuss this draft properly, neither through informals or any other consultation.

Substantively, this particular mandate has always prompted a vote. The United States continues to believe that the issue of International Solidarity is not an issue that this Council should address. There are many other items that are more relevant to this Council, and this mandate diverts attention and resources away from those issues. The United States believes that there are more appropriate and effective ways to utilize this Council’s time and resources. The United States does not support the extension of this mandate under any form.

For these reasons, the United States calls a vote on this resolution and will vote against it.

Thank you Mr. President.