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Global Pulse 2010: Generated New Ideas, Solutions to Development Challenges
June 15, 2010


June 14, 2010

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WASHINGTON D.C. – Ten thousand people around the globe took part in a recent on-line brainstorming event organized by the U.S. Agency for International Development.

USAID hosted Global Pulse 2010 from March 29-31 to generate discussion of critical global issues and ideas. According to a just-completed analysis people from nearly every country on earth logged on.

Global Pulse not only gave USAID and its partners the chance to identify new ideas and solutions, it enabled the Agency to help realize President Obama’s commitment to listen, learn and seek common ground on topics of shared interest with people outside the United States.

And the participation statics are in: 10,127 people from 172 countries registered to participate in the discussion; there were 9,654 posts of which, 62 percent were contributed by people who live outside the United States. Participants 34 years old and younger posted 44 percent of the posts; conversely, 11.7 percent of the posts were made by participants 55 to 64 years old.

Global Pulse encompassed ten simultaneous discussions in 72 hours. Topics and the number of posts by forum were:

  • Empowering Women and Girls 1620
  • Inspiring a New Generation 1515
  • Enabling Essential Education 1158
  • Advancing Entrepreneurship 1029
  • Promoting Global Health 1005
  • Building Stronger Partnerships 776
  • Fostering Science, Technology, 769
  • Exercising Political and Civil Rights 625
  • Pursuing Grand Challenges 596
  • Supporting a Sustainable Planet 561

While the official Global Pulse event was time-limited, USAID is now combing through the data from the discussions and attempting to incorporate ideas as the Agency moves forward in its work around the world. Want to continue the discussion? Become a fan and follow USAID and Global Pulse 2010 on Facebook.