All articles from: June, 2010

35th Anniversary of the Entry into Force of the CITES Convention

Siberian Tiger: The US has been a consistent advocate for strong action within CITES to control the illegal trade in tigers and other Asian big cats

Ambassador Betty E. King: “By being a pioneer in adopting trade measures to prevent overexploitation and relying on scientific advice for the authorization of wildlife trade, CITES has put the machinery in place to contribute to the improved management of the key natural assets of our planet.”

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United States Legal Counselor On Justice and the Rule of Law

United States strongly supports the important work done by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, particularly its capacity-building activities to strengthen national rule-of-law systems and respect for human rights around the world.

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Shah: Health is at the heart of human progress


Health is, in fact, at the heart of human progress. And we recognize that the wellbeing of people around the world is not just an important end in and of itself, but it is strongly linked to the security, prosperity and partnership of our country with our colleagues around the world. And that’s why global health is a central part of President Obama’s and Secretary Clinton’s plan for a more peaceful and a more prosperous global community.

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U.S. Space Policy Expresses Obama’s Direction For Nation’s Space Activities

A NASA rocket rises from a launch pad at the Kennedy Space Center. (AP Photo)

The President’s National Space Policy, released today, is a strong statement of our principles and goals regarding U.S. national interests and activities in space. It is a commitment that the United States will lead the way in preserving space for the benefits of all nations.

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The G-20 Summit in Toronto: A Global Response Through the Multilateral Development Banks to Promote Sustainable Development


The United States, working with its G-20 partners, has forged a strong and swift response to address global challenges.

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HRC Positions Should Go to Officials Who Have a Genuine Commitment to Protecting Human Rights

The United States was extremely disappointed that the Latin American and Caribbean regional group put forward the single name of Miguel D’Escoto Brockmann to fill its vacant seat on the HRC advisory committee on June 18. (The vacancy arose upon the untimely death of one of the group’s representatives.) The position was filled without consultation with members from other regions.

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2010 NPT Review Conference

Ambassador Laura E. Kennedy (File Photo)

It is particularly fitting for an American like me to discuss this topic here in Prague. Our Czech hosts provided the platform for President Obama to set forth his vision of a world without nuclear weapons and to set out a specific agenda to move towards that goal.

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U.S. Strongly Supports UNDP Taking On A More Strategic And Focused Role In The International Arena

Assistant Secretary Esther Brimmer. June 24, 2010.

As the international community faces difficult global challenges, we are counting on UNDP to respond to 21st century problems, including poverty, hunger, disease, conflicts, environmental degradation, and gender inequality. With Helen Clark at the helm of UNDP and as the chair of the UN Development Group, UNDP is in a unique position to make positive changes.

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U.S. Statement at 26th UNAIDS Program Coordination Board


The United States is energized by the progress we continue to make together against this epidemic. We are optimistic that, collectively, the international community is making the necessary changes in our response to meet the changing epidemiology and to face the dramatically altered international landscape from just a few short years ago.

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Under Secretary Burns On Iran Policy In The Aftermath of UN Sanctions

Under Secretary for Political Affairs William J. Burns

The passage of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1929 two weeks ago establishes the most comprehensive international sanctions that the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran has ever faced. It reinforces the determination not only of the United States, but of the rest of the international community, to hold Iran to its international obligations, and to prevent it from developing nuclear weapons.

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