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United States Delegation to the Geneva Discussions
November 11, 2009

Press Statement
November 11, 2009

The United States was pleased to participate in the eighth round of the Geneva Discussions. The Geneva Discussions offer an important forum where international discussions on security and stability can lead to positive and practical developments on the ground, such as regular meetings of the Incident Prevention and Response Mechanisms (IPRM). Important progress has been made as a result of these IPRM meetings, particularly in the IPRM for Abkhazia.

The United States appreciates the work done by the co-chairs of the Geneva Discussions in presenting a draft framework for an agreement on non-use of force and related international security arrangements. The U.S. government continues to believe strongly in the necessity of full compliance with all commitments undertaken as part of the August 12 ceasefire agreement between Russia and Georgia, including non-use of force, withdrawal of forces to positions held prior to the outbreak of hostilities, and free access for humanitarian activities. Another key element of the co-chairs draft framework is the proposed establishment of international security arrangements on the ground, which is essential to preserve peace and stability. We look forward to further discussions on this subject in subsequent Geneva sessions, as well as on concrete measures to address the range of humanitarian needs.