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Item 3: Decision Adoption – Resolution: Elimination of Discrimination Against Women
October 2, 2009

General Statement by the USA UN Human rights Council – 12th Session Delivered by Chargé Douglas Griffiths

Thank you, Mr. President.

We are pleased to be a co-sponsor of this resolution, which brings attention to the fact that fifteen years after the Beijing Conference on Women, discrimination against women still remains prevalent. We would like to express our appreciation for the leadership of our Mexican and Colombian leaders on this important issue.

We believe that the Council should create a new mechanism to address this very important issue, and we hope that this resolution is the beginning of a process that will result in its creation. We would have preferred a stronger mandate in this resolution.

The resolution reinforces the obligation of States to take measures that are appropriate to eliminate discrimination against women. It calls upon States to revoke any remaining laws that discriminate on the basis on sex and to remove gender bias in the administration of justice. It stresses the need to promote equal pay for equal work or for work of equal value, which the United States interprets as calling for non-discrimination in terms of remuneration.

We urge the Council to continue to take strong action to promote and protect the rights of women.