All articles from: October, 2009

Dr. Esther Brimmer: Foreign Press Center Briefing on United Nations Day

Early in his Administration, the President took the momentous decision to recommit to the goal of a nuclear-free world. As the world’s original nuclear state, I believe this commitment has particular resonance. But the President actually went much further. Rather than simply address this from a unilateral point of view, he thought it was important to work with the international community to address this issue and work at the Security Council in particular.

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Statement by Hillary Rodham Clinton: Attack on a Guest House in Kabul

I strongly condemn the cowardly attack today in Afghanistan. My thoughts and prayers are with all those who were injured and the families who lost loved ones. One American citizen working for the United Nations was among those who lost their lives, along with other UN international employees and members of the Afghan National Security Forces who bravely fought to protect them.

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P5+1 / Iran: Excerpt from October 26 Daily Briefing

IAN KELLY: “I know that there was a telephone conversation today with the political directors from the six countries. Of course, Under Secretary William Burns participated from our end. They discussed the need for unity of the P-5+1 in our approach to the issue of Iran’s nuclear program. They also discussed the way forward on arranging a follow-on meeting to the Geneva meeting, but that’s very much now still in the works. It’s a matter of discussion between Mr. Solana and the Iranian authorities, but nothing’s been set in terms of follow-on –“

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Briefing on the Release of the 2009 Annual Report on International Religious Freedom


Our government’s promotion of religious freedom is grounded in our national experience and it supports our broader human rights and national security interests. Fortunately, many governments understand the importance of these issues, yet we’re fully aware that even in countries with robust legal safeguards, including the United States, we’re not immune from acts of intolerance.

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Release of the 2009 Report on Religious Freedom

Freedom of religion, a founding principle of the United States, is a universal value, Secretary Clinton says in releasing the annual Report on International Religious Freedom.

The right to profess, practice, and promote one’s religious beliefs is a founding principle of our nation. In fact, many of our earliest settlers came because they wanted the freedom to practice their own religion without a state interfering or oppressing that practice. It is the first liberty mentioned in our Bill of Rights, and it is a freedom guaranteed to all people in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

I want to underscore that, because this is not just an American

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WTO Trade Policy Review of Maldives

The United States warmly welcomes the delegation from Malé, led by Deputy Minister of Economic Development Ahmed Inaz to this, the second Trade Policy Review of Maldives. Much has transpired since Maldives’ 2003 TPR, both globally and domestically. The United States appreciates the Secretariat’s and the government’s work in documenting the changes that have taken place since Maldives’ first TPR.

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Betty E. King Nominated U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. in Geneva

NOMINATIONS SENT TO THE SENATE: Betty E. King, of New York, to be Representative of the United States of America to the Office of the United Nations and Other International Organizations in Geneva, with the rank of Ambassador. Betty E. King served as the United States Representative to the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations under Presidents Bill Clinton and George W Bush. In that capacity, Ms. King worked on human rights, children, development, aging and population issues.

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U.S. Statement at DSB Meeting


• Mr. Chairman, the United States provided a status report in this dispute on October 12, 2009, in accordance with Article 21.6 of the DSU.

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Excerpt from Daily Briefing: Iran, Vienna proposal, P5+1

State Department October 23 Daily Briefing: U.S., France, and Russia indicate positive response to talks / Iran wants to wait until next week to respond – The international community’s been waiting a long time for Iran to address some real concerns about their intentions – Inspection of Qom on Sunday – Want to see concrete Steps from Iran / International patience is not limitless

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Remarks by Secretary Clinton at the United States Institute of Peace

Secretary Clinton at the U.S. Institute of Peace

We now face a different kind of threat, a threat that is more diffuse and perhaps even more dangerous. The range and intensity of current nuclear proliferation challenges is alarming. The international community failed to prevent North Korea from developing nuclear weapons. We are now engaged in diplomatic efforts to roll back this development. Iran continues to ignore resolutions from the United Nations Security Council demanding that it suspend its enrichment activities and live up to those international obligations.

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