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Statements by the United States at the August 31, 2009 WTO – DSB

Section 211 Omnibus Appropriations Act / Hot-Rolled Steel Products from Japan / Section 110 (5) of the U.S. Copyright Act / EC – Biotech products / Bananas / Calculation of Dumping Margins “Zeroing” / Request for a Panel by Brazil /

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Launching a Framework for Climate Services by Sherburne B. Abbott

We gather here this week because we have a shared challenge. It has taken decades of outstanding and Nobel prize-winning climate science to bring it into view. It has taken the persistence of a community of researchers all over the world some who are represented here, It has taken the shepherding by international organizations many of whom fill this hall, And it has taken the support of governments and other partners working together.

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Press Briefing by Members of the U.S. Delegation to the WCC-3

Shere Abbott speaking at the World Climate Conference in Geneva. Dr. Jack Hayes and Dr. Tom Karl listening.

The climate challenge demands a genuinely global response. No one nation is responsible for it. No one nation possesses all the knowledge or know-how to confront it. Every nation is vulnerable to its impacts. The poor and developing countries are particularly vulnerable. So we must all work together to avoid the worst possible outcomes of climate change and to reduce the threat of climate change to sustainable development.

Climate change is a major priority of the Obama administration. We intend to take aggressive action at home to fight climate change and to bring a new level of U.S. leadership to the global climate effort. That’s one reason we’re here at the World Climate Conference in such large numbers — about 50 members of our delegation including 20 scientists and members from about 10 agencies and offices of the government.

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U.S. Statement by Garold N. Larson to the Conference on Disarmament

I wish to begin by welcoming the Ambassador of the Netherlands, and thanking you, your delegation, and the collective P6 Presidency for your unceasing efforts to bring the promise of CD/1864, our consensus Program of Work for 2009, to fruition. As we committed at the commencement of your Presidency, my delegation has given its full support to those efforts, and shares your disappointment, and the disappointment of nearly all in this chamber, that we have yet to begin the negotiations and substantive discussions set out so clearly in CD/1864.

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Today, the United States is honored to join the international community in commemorating the first World Humanitarian Day. Established by the United Nations General Assembly in 2008 to increase public awareness about humanitarian activities around the world, World Humanitarian Day is also an occasion to honor aid workers who labor every day on behalf of some of the world’s most vulnerable people.

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Strengthening the Nuclear Nonproliferation Regime: A Blueprint for Progress

I’m here to speak to you this evening on the subject of strengthening the international nuclear nonproliferation regime. This is an objective that the Obama Administration has embraced as one of its highest priorities, and we are engaged in an ambitious effort to address proliferation challenges and opportunities to strengthen the global regime. Being ambitious means the way ahead will be difficult, but there is little of value that comes easily, and we have opportunities now to make real progress if all states work together to take advantage of them.

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U.S. Contributes $500,000 to Support the World Climate Conference

Two U.S. government agencies, the U.S. Department of State and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), have pledged a total of $500,000 to support the conference. The United States will be represented at the conference by a multi-agency delegation headed by Dr. Jane Lubchenco, Under Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere and NOAA Administrator.

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USG response to OHCHR regarding the Defamation of Religions resolution

We are writing in response to your letter dated June 10, 2009 referring to Human Rights Council resolution 10/22 of March 26, 2009 entitled “Combating Defamation of Religions,” which requests the High Commissioner to report on the implementation of the resolution to the Human Rights Council at its twelfth session. Resolution 10/22 was adopted by a splintered vote of 23 (in favor), 11 (against), and 12 abstentions.

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