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U.S. Mission Sponsors Exhibition of works by Rauschenberg at the U.N.
July 2, 2009

Exhibition of Works by Robert Rauschenber Opens July 7 at the Palais des Nations

Let the World In
A Commemorative Exhibition of the Works of Robert Rauschenberg

The United States Mission is sponsoring an exhibition of works by Robert Rauschenberg at the United Nations, featuring works from the Mission’s own collection and the Tribute 21 series from the collection of the United Nations.

The exhibition will open July 7 at the United Nations at 6:30 p.m.  with a reception.  Speaking at the event,  Ms. Adelina von Furstenberg, president of  the foundation Art for the World, will recall Rauschenberg’s visit to Geneva in 1995 to participate in the UN’s 50th anniversary exhibition, which Ms. von Furstenberg curated.

United Nations badge holders are welcome.  For security reasons, other interested guests must request a special invitation from the U.S. Mission.

The exhibition will run from August 7 to August 20 in the second-floor Mezzanine of the E-Building, near Door 40.