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UPR of Yemen
May 11, 2009

Statement by the United States of America

UPR of Yemen

May 11, 2009

Thank you, Mr. President. Thank you to the delegation for their your presence and your presentation here today. The United States offers the following recommendations.

First, we recommend that Yemen immediately allow the Ministry of Human Rights and domestic and international NGOs greater access to its prisons. We recommend that subsequently, the President of Yemen establish a commission with the purpose of analyzing the MOHR and NGO recommendations and implementing reforms to bring Yemen’s prison system up to internationally recognized standards.

Second, we recommend that the Yemen government amend the Press and Publication Act so that it clearly and unequivocally protects the freedom of expression for journalists and that this law be enforced.

Third, we recommend that the government step up enforcement of laws protecting women from rape and violence, criminalize spousal rape, and treat honor killings no differently than murder. We further recommend that the government develop a comprehensive policy to address the issue of gender discrimination in employment.

Fourth, the United States recommends that the government ensure better enforcement of laws protecting employees from anti-union discrimination.

Fifth, the United States recommends that the government publish case studies and annual statistics of labor disputes brought before the government, and their manner of disposal.

Thank you, Mr. President.