All articles from: September, 2008

Remarks by Ambassador Tichenor on Iftaar

Friends – Good evening, and welcome to Villa Tatiana. This evening we are honored to pay special tribute to the many contribution Muslims have made in my own country, in yours and to our world. We join in wishing you and Muslims around the world, “Ramadan Mubarak.”

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Statement by Ambassador Tichenor to World Intellectual Property Organization

We meet at an hour of great promise and hope. For before us is great promise for WIPO and all who are dedicated to its success and hope that the divisions of the past can be left behind as we unite in a common cause in pursuit of a brighter future for this vital organization and all who rely on it. We observe today not a victory of one candidate but a new chapter of progress for the World Intellectual Property Organization, marking an end as well as a new beginning, bringing with it change as well as renewal. For it is in our hands, Member States, the new DG, the Secretariat, WIPO staff, and all the relevant stakeholders to build together the World Intellectual Property Organization we seek and need in the 21st Century. The mantle of leadership has been passed and together, we are well able to assure success in this endeavor.

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