A Focus on Women and Girls

International Health

Secretary of State John Kerry: Statement on World AIDS Day 2016

On World AIDS Day, we commemorate the lives lost and communities devastated by HIV/AIDS. We also celebrate those lives […]

PEPFAR Is Saving Lives and Changing the Course of the Epidemic

New PEPFAR data show for the first time that the AIDS epidemic is becoming controlled in older adults and […]

FACT SHEET: U.S. Leadership to Advance the GHS Agenda: 55 countries show concrete commitment to prevent, detect, and respond

The GHSA is a signature global health and national security priority for President Obama. It was launched in […]

Humanitarian Aid

U.S. Statement at the Forum on Minority Issues: Minorities in Situations of Humanitarian Crises

The United States supports the position of the Special Rapporteur on minority issues and wants to thank the current […]

United States Abstains for 1st Time on UNGA Resolution on Cuba Embargo

Ambassador Samantha Power: “Instead of isolating Cuba, as President Obama has repeatedly said, our policy isolated the United States… […]

Combating Trafficking in Persons: U.S. Department of State’s Leadership During the Obama Administration

This fact sheet offers a snapshot of the State Department’s accomplishments in tackling the crime of modern slavery during the Obama Administration.


FACT SHEET: Nearly 200 Countries Reach a Global Deal to Phase Down Potent Greenhouse Gases and Avoid Up to 0.5°C of Warming

At the 28th Meeting of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol in Kigali, Rwanda, countries adopted an amendment to […]

An Ambitious HFC Amendment to the Montreal Protocol Adopted in Kigali


Secretary Kerry: “In Kigali, Rwanda, I was proud to help represent the United States as the nearly 200 Parties […]

President Obama Thanks World’s Nations for Bringing the Paris Agreement into Force


I also want to thank the people of every nation that has moved quickly to bring the Paris Agreement […]

Intellectual Property

U.S. Statement at the WIPO General Assembly on Review of the OIOS Report

We applaud and welcome the reforms member states have adopted today, especially the revisions to the Internal Oversight Charter.

U.S. Statement on Adoption of Proposals for Amendment to WIPO’s Internal Oversight Charter

We welcome the adoption of these important modifications. We believe they will make WIPO a stronger and more transparent organization.

Joint Statement: U.S., Other WIPO Members Call for Release of Full OIOS Report to Member States

We reiterate our request that the CoCo Chair immediately formally request that OIOS produce a full version of the […]