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Ambassador Michael Punke’s Testimony on the U.S. Trade Agenda and the WTO Before the House Ways and Means Committee

The WTO is a critical aspect of the Administration’s trade and investment policy, given its important function in setting the rules that govern the global trading system.

U.S. Statement at the WTO Trade Policy Review of China

It is easy to see how dramatically trade and investment have expanded among China and its many trading partners, including the United States, since China joined the WTO.

U.S. Statement at the Trade Negotiations Committee

Let me be clear, as Ambassador Froman was during recent meetings in Paris: If the Trade Facilitation Agreement unravels, it’s hard to imagine a post-Bali work plan proceeding. Why? Because Members of this organization will have demonstrated to the world that WTO negotiations, even when they are successful, are simply not […]

Statement by the United States at the June 18, 2014, DSB Meeting

See attached below the U.S. statement as delivered at the June 18 DSB meeting Read more