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U.S. Statement at the Meeting of the WTO Dispute Settlement Body

Statement by the United States at the Meeting of the WTO Dispute Settlement Body as delivered in Geneva on November 25, 2015.

U.S. Statement at Trade Policy Review of Thailand

Our relationship dates back to 1833, when we concluded our first Treaty of Amity and Commerce. Last year trade between us reached $45 billion, supported in part by our GSP program, of which Thailand is one of the largest beneficiaries.

U.S. Statement at the WTO Trade Policy Review of Jordan

Jordan relies heavily on exports, tourism and overseas remittances, all negatively impacted by the instability in the Middle East and escalating conflicts in Syria and Iraq. We would like to take the opportunity to commend Jordan for its generosity of spirit in hosting many thousands of people displaced by these conflicts.

Ambassador Punke’s Statement at Fifth and Final Working Party Meeting for Afghanistan

Afghanistan has worked exceptionally hard in very difficult times to adopt new laws, establish new institutions, and conclude its negotiations.