Human Rights Council

U.S. Statement at the HRC Panel on the Effects of Terrorism

The United States views the promotion of human rights as a critical component of countering terrorism and violent extremism. […]

HRC 29th Session: Item 9 General Debate

The United States is committed to a fair, independent investigation of allegations of police misconduct and to taking action when warranted.

HRC 29th Session: Dialogue with the Special Rapporteur on Racism

The United States acknowledges, and seeks to address, the continuing challenges we face in the area of discrimination in policing.

HRC 29th Session: Agenda Item 8 – General Debate

U.S. Special Envoy Randy Berry

We share OHCHR’s concerns regarding the continuing, serious, and widespread violations and abuses perpetrated against individuals based on […]

Ambassador Hamamoto: Remarks at the Power of Empowered Women Event

In recognition of the 15th anniversary of UN Security Council Resolution 1325, we are interested in shining a light […]

Director-General Moller: Remarks at the Power of Empowered Women Event

Empowering women is not a concession in the pursuit of the universality of human rights. Nor is it […]