Human Rights Council

U.S. Explanation of Vote with Regard to the Right to Development

The concerns of the United States about the existence of a “right to development” are long-standing and well known. […]

Joint Statement on Independence of the OHCHR Cosigned by the United States

The independence of the thought and action of the High Commissioner and his office is crucial for the advancement […]

U.S. Co-sponsors Resolution Expressing Deep Concern about Human Rights Violations in North Korea

The DPRK is among the world’s most pervasive deniers of freedoms and violators of human rights.

Human Rights Council Resolution on Continuing Grave Deterioration of Human Rights in Syria

We reiterate our calls for the immediate release of jailed human rights defenders, including Mazen Darwish, head of the […]

Resolution Entitled “Effects of Terrorism on the Enjoyment of Human Rights”

It is essential that future efforts on this important topic are the result of careful deliberations and are able […]

U.S. Does Not Believe HRC Should Instruct the OHCHR on Administrative Matters

UN Member States are best served by a High Commissioner’s Office that is objective, independent, and that reports to […]