Human Rights Council

U.S. Statement on the UPR of Brunei Darussalam

We would like to see meaningful progress on Brunei’s laws and practices regarding freedom of expression and freedom of association.

U.S. urges North Korea to dismantle all political prison camps, release political prisoners

U.S. statement at the adoption of the UPR report of the DPRK

Panel on Integration of a Gender Perspective

The Human Rights Council must, and often does, account for the specific conditions of women and girls in each country.

Statement at the Adoption of the Working Group Report of the UPR of the Democratic Republic of the Congo

We welcome the DRC’s support for Rwanda’s recommendation that the DRC fulfill its commitments under the Peace, Security and Cooperation Framework.

Clustered Interactive Dialogue on Indigenous People

We agree that successful disaster risk reduction strategies can only be developed and implemented with indigenous peoples’ participation and input.

U.S. Statement on Human Rights Situations Requiring Council Attention

HRC must focus attention on Syria, Iran, DPRK, Sudan, South Sudan, Cuba, China, Venezuela, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Egypt and Russia.