Human Rights Council

U.S. Deeply Troubled by Sentencing of Ilmi Umerov, Deputy Chairman of the Crimean Tatar Mejlis

We call on the Russian occupation authorities to immediately release Umerov and vacate his conviction. Crimea remains an integral […]

U.S. Explanation of Vote: Resolution on the Question of the Death Penalty

The United States is disappointed that it must vote against this resolution. As in previous years, we had […]

U.S. Statement at the 2017 Executive Committee of UNHCR

The United States strongly supports the Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework (CRRF) and the Compact on Refugees in an effort […]

U.S. Explanation of Position on Yemen – HRC36 Resolution L.4

The United States is pleased to be able to join consensus on a resolution that addresses the human rights situation in Yemen.

U.S. Statement on Cambodia – HRC36 Resolution L.21

We are gravely concerned about the worsening human rights situation in Cambodia, including the crackdown on opposition parties, independent […]

U.S. Statement on Cambodia – HRC36 Resolution L.21 Amendment OP30

The United States is deeply disappointed with the oral revisions to this resolution on advisory services and technical assistance for Cambodia.