Human Rights Council

EOP on Human Rights and the Environment – L.19

The United States concurs with other members of the Council that protection of the environment is vitally important and […]

EOP on Public Service Delivery – L.16

We would like to thank Azerbaijan and the core-group for their cooperative spirit, which enabled us to join consensus […]

EOP on Independent Expert on Albinism – L.13

We believe States must take effective measures to protect the human rights and fundamental freedoms of all persons, such […]

EOP on Adequate Housing Resolution – L.12

In the spirit of our shared policy objective, to make adequate housing available to all of our people, we […]

EOV on the Integrity of the Judicial System – L.11 (Rev 1)

The United States is fully committed to the goals of promoting and strengthening the integrity of the judicial system […]

General Debate on Item 10

The United States encourages governments facing serious human rights challenges to cooperate fully with OHCHR to help them address […]