White House

Readout of the President’s Call with President Hollande of France

The leaders underscored that Russia will face significant additional costs if it continues this behavior.

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Statement by President Obama on the 20th Commemoration of the Genocide in Rwanda

We join with the people of Rwanda in marking twenty years since the beginning of the genocide that took the lives of so many innocents and which shook the conscience of the world.

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Readout of the President’s Call with President Putin

President Obama underscored to President Putin that the U.S. continues to support a diplomatic path in close consultation with the Government of Ukraine and in support of the Ukrainian people with the aim of de-escalation of the crisis.

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White House on U.N. Human Rights Council Vote on Sri Lanka

The United States welcomes today’s passage of the UN Human Rights Council resolution on “promoting reconciliation, accountability, and human rights in Sri Lanka …

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Obama Says No Easy Answers for Crimean Crisis

President Obama at podium with flags in backgound (AP Images)

“The situation in Ukraine, like crises in many parts of the world, does not have easy answers nor a military solution,” Obama said.

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Remarks by President Obama, His Majesty King Philippe, and Prime Minister di Rupo of Belgium at Flanders Field Cemetery

Belgians and Americans have stood shoulder-to-shoulder with our European allies in World War II and through a long Cold War, then from Afghanistan to Libya. And today, Belgium is one of our closest partners in the world — a strong and capable ally. And thanks to the extraordinary alliance between our two nations, we know a level of peace and prosperity that those who fought here could scarcely have imagined.

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Obama Commends Increased Commitment to Reducing Nuclear Material

President Obama speaking at lectern next to Mark Rutte (AP Images)

In remarks at the end of the Nuclear Security Summit in The Hague, President Obama commended several countries for taking concrete steps to reduce the chances of excess nuclear material falling into the hands of terrorists.

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Joint Statement by the United States and Ukraine

On the occasion of the third Nuclear Security Summit in The Hague, the United States and Ukraine today reaffirm their strategic partnership and emphasize the important role of nuclear nonproliferation in that relationship.

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Obama to Visit with European, Asian, Middle Eastern Leaders

Susan Rice at podium with press secretary James Carney in background (AP Images)

The crisis in Ukraine, nuclear security and peace talks between Israelis and Palestinians will dominate meetings between President Obama and world leaders during the president’s five-day trip to Europe and Saudi Arabia.

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Statement by the President on Ukraine

The United States is today moving, as we said we would, to impose additional costs on Russia.

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