USAID’s Shah: The Digital Development Opportunity

A woman makes a phone call while selling watermelons at Kenya’s largest food market in Nairobi.

For our Agency, new technologies and partnerships have created unprecedented opportunities to end extreme poverty and promote resilient, democratic societies.

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Fact Sheet on the Syrian Crisis: U.S. Assistance and Support for the Transition

To help those affected by the crisis in Syria, the United States has contributed more than $2.9 billion in humanitarian assistance – the most from any single donor.

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USAID Airlifts Medical Supplies, Equipment for Ebola Response

A flight carrying more than 16 tons of medical and emergency supplies landed August 24 in Liberia.

The agency airlifted more than 16 tons of medical supplies and emergency equipment to Monrovia, Liberia, August 24 as part of its ongoing efforts to combat the West Africa Ebola outbreak.

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USAID’s Shah Says People Responding Well to 4 Humanitarian Crises

USAID and the World Food Programme provide humanitarian aid in Iraq.

This is the first time in our agency’s history that we have been called on to manage four large-scale humanitarian responses at once…

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USAID to Invest $38 Million in New Regional Leadership Centers

New regional leadership centers aim to expand opportunities for young Africans like these attendees at President Obama’s town hall in Washington July 28.

The centers will focus on engaging leaders aged 18 to 35 from a variety of backgrounds to offer accessible leadership training, incubating organizations and entrepreneurship, and to support professional connections among African leaders.

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U.S. Adds $4.8 Million to End Child, Early, Forced Marriage

Two girls dressed in red, sitting with solemn expressions (AP Images)

The programs are in Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, India, Nepal, Tanzania and Yemen, U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Administrator Rajiv Shah said in July 22 news release.

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U.S. Awards Another $500 Million to Achieve AIDS-Free Generation

AIDS Conference sign in Melbourne, Australia (International AIDS Society/Steve Forrest)

More than $500 million in additional U.S. funding will support global HIV and AIDS response efforts with 19 partners.

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USAID and Partners Unveil New Efforts to Save Millions of Women and Children from Preventable Deaths

USAID will announce today that it is realigning $2.9 billion of the Agency’s resources to save up to half a million children from preventable deaths by the end of 2015—refocusing resources on high-impact programs with proven track records to save the most lives.

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Artists, Athletes, Businesses, USAID Urge ‘Let Girls Learn’

Two girls at desk in classroom (AP Images)

Nearly 30 artists and athletes, and a host of global nonprofit groups and businesses, have joined with USAID to launch Let Girls Learn, an effort to raise awareness of the need to support all girls in their pursuit of quality education.

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U.S. Launches “Beyond the Grid” Energy Effort for Africa

village in Benin with mud houses

Building on the Beyond the Grid framework, the U.S. African Development Foundation has teamed up with General Electric Africa and USAID to launch the Power Africa Off-Grid Energy Challenge

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