U.S. Mission Geneva

Job Announcement: Security Guard

The U.S. Mission in Geneva is seeking an individual for the position of Local Guard in the Regional Security Office.

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Ambassador Hamamoto’s Remarks at Girl Be Heard Graduate Institute Performance


These young women are here to give a voice to all the women who too often are reduced to silence. They are here to inspire us to break down barriers, to force us out of our comfort zone,to challenge us to re-double our efforts, and to motivate us to find solutions.

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U.S. Statement at the WTO Trade Policy Review of Jordan

Jordan relies heavily on exports, tourism and overseas remittances, all negatively impacted by the instability in the Middle East and escalating conflicts in Syria and Iraq. We would like to take the opportunity to commend Jordan for its generosity of spirit in hosting many thousands of people displaced by these conflicts.

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Important Information for Vendors and Contractors – Vendors Registrations

The System for Award Management (SAM) is the Official U.S. Government’s system for government-wide acquisitions and award support systems.

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Tenth Session of the Bilateral Consultative Commission Under the New START Treaty


The tenth session of the Bilateral Consultative Commission under the U .S-Russia New START Treaty took place in Geneva on October 7-20.

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Ambassador Hamamoto Remarks for U.S.-hosted Reception at UNHCR ExCom


It’s a pleasure to welcome you here this evening to mark the occasion of UNHCR’s annual Executive Committee meeting.

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WIPO General Assembly: Opening Statement of the United States of America

Mr. Chairman, the United States delegation looks forward to constructively engaging with all WIPO members to find consensus solutions to the issues facing the Organization now and in the future.

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U.S. Statement at the Discussion of OHCHR’s Sri Lanka Report

The path on which Sri Lanka has embarked to achieve justice, reconciliation and lasting peace is a challenging one, but we are confident that the government, the Sri Lankan people and the international community can work together to meet those challenges.

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Ambassador Hamamoto’s Remarks at Reception for Deputy High Commissioner for Refugees Kelly Clements


Kelly, you’re coming into this job at an extremely challenging time for UNHCR. But as High Commissioner Guterres noted, and I quote, “your proven leadership and rich combination of skills will be a key asset for the agency.”

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Ambassador Hamamoto on Future She Deserves – Women, Business and the Law

Ambassador Pamela Hamamoto

Today we have invited you all here to address a key issue under our Future She Deserves Economic Empowerment pillar: How to break down the legal and regulatory barriers that prohibit or restrict women’s entrepreneurship and employment.

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