U.S. Mission Geneva

WIPO General Assembly: Opening Statement of the United States of America

Mr. Chairman, the United States delegation looks forward to constructively engaging with all WIPO members to find consensus solutions to the issues facing the Organization now and in the future.

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U.S. Statement at the Discussion of OHCHR’s Sri Lanka Report

The path on which Sri Lanka has embarked to achieve justice, reconciliation and lasting peace is a challenging one, but we are confident that the government, the Sri Lankan people and the international community can work together to meet those challenges.

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Ambassador Hamamoto’s Remarks at Reception for Deputy High Commissioner for Refugees Kelly Clements

Kelly, you’re coming into this job at an extremely challenging time for UNHCR. But as High Commissioner Guterres noted, and I quote, “your proven leadership and rich combination of skills will be a key asset for the agency.”

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Ambassador Hamamoto on Future She Deserves – Women, Business and the Law

Ambassador Pamela Hamamoto

Today we have invited you all here to address a key issue under our Future She Deserves Economic Empowerment pillar: How to break down the legal and regulatory barriers that prohibit or restrict women’s entrepreneurship and employment.

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Ambassador Harper: I’m Very Proud to be Before you Today for the Adoption of the Second UPR of the United States


Our UPR has been a process of self-reflection and improvement, which will continue after today’s adoption.

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Statement by DAS Scott Busby at the Adoption of the UPR of the United States


The U. S. government has carefully reviewed the 343 recommendations it has received during this UPR review and has accepted in whole or in part a total of 260 recommendations, or approximately 80%.

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Clustered Interactive Dialogue with Special Rapporteur on Indigenous Peoples and the EMRIP

The United States stands ready to work with member states and indigenous peoples on a resolution defining the modalities of consultations on revitalizing EMRIP.

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Item4: Annual Half-Day Discussion on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

The Department of State, Department of the Interior, and several U.S. tribes have attempted to recover objects offered for sale at non-U.S. auctions.

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Grant Opportunity: Internet Freedom Fellow Program 2016

Launched by the U.S. Mission in 2011, IFF is a unique initiative which yearly allows 5 to 6 human rights activists from around the globe to gather in Geneva, Washington D.C. and Silicon Valley, California.

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Procurement of computer training room desks

The US Mission Geneva has a requirement to purchase 12 computer training room desks.

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