Secretary Kerry: Remarks With EU High Representative Catherine Ashton After Their Meeting

Secretary Kerry and High Representative Ashton.

The parties agreed today that all sides must refrain from the use of violence, intimidation, or provocative actions. And we strongly condemned and rejected all expressions of extremism, racism, and religious intolerance, including anti-Semitism.

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Readout of the President’s Call with President Hollande of France

The leaders underscored that Russia will face significant additional costs if it continues this behavior.

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U.S. Provides Additional Assistance for Ukraine

Today, April 14, the United States and Ukraine signed a loan guarantee agreement intended to unlock $1 billion in financing for the Government of Ukraine and bolster its ability to provide critical services as it implements necessary reforms, while protecting vulnerable Ukrainians from the impact of much-needed economic adjustments.

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Russian Fiction the Sequel: 10 More False Claims About Ukraine

Russia continues to spin a false and dangerous narrative to justify its illegal actions in Ukraine.

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Evidence of Russian Support for Destabilization of Ukraine

On April 12, armed pro-Russian militants seized government buildings in a coordinated and professional operation conducted in six cities in eastern Ukraine.

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Response by Ambassador Samantha Power at a Security Council Meeting on Ukraine

The United States has constantly called for de-escalation and urged restraint. That has been our consistent policy. Our consistent statements have made clear that military force is not the answer, and we have commended the Ukrainians, frankly, for enduring more than probably any country in the United Nations could or would endure without using force.

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Press Statement: Secretary Kerry Travel to Geneva

Secretary of State John Kerry will travel to Geneva, Switzerland, on April 17 to participate in a multilateral meeting among the United States, Ukraine, Russia, and the European Union to discuss the ongoing situation in and around Ukraine.

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Treasury Secretary Previews IMF, World Bank Meetings

U.S. Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew says, “The best thing for Russia and the best thing for the world is for Russia not to take the steps that cause further sanctions to be necessary.”

The IMF and World Bank Spring Meetings will focus on promoting global economic growth and development.

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State’s Nuland on Trans-Atlantic Security Challenges

Russia’s occupation of Crimea, rubberstamped by an illegitimate referendum conducted at the barrel of a gun, has tarnished its credibility and diminished its international standing in the eyes of Ukrainians and the world.

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Kerry Warns Russia to Stop Separatist Actions in Eastern Ukraine

Secretary of State John Kerry on April 8 warned Russia of more severe economic sanctions if it continues to destabilize the eastern region of Ukraine.

“The United States and our allies will not hesitate to use 21st-century tools to hold Russia accountable for 19th-century behavior.”

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