UPR of the United States

U.S. UPR Working Groups: 2016 Year-End Summary

The United States is a strong supporter of the UPR process, which provides a unique mechanism for the global community to discuss human rights issues around the world. It is the only process through which all UN Member States undergo review and scrutiny of their human rights records.

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Human Rights Commitments and Pledges of the United States of America


In the context of its decision to seek election to the UN HRC, the U.S. issued the following pledge outlining its commitments to human rights around the world.

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Ambassador Harper: I’m Very Proud to be Before you Today for the Adoption of the Second UPR of the United States


Our UPR has been a process of self-reflection and improvement, which will continue after today’s adoption.

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Statement by DAS Scott Busby at the Adoption of the UPR of the United States


The U. S. government has carefully reviewed the 343 recommendations it has received during this UPR review and has accepted in whole or in part a total of 260 recommendations, or approximately 80%.

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Addendum of the United States of America to the Report of the Working Group on its Universal Periodic Review

The U. S. government has carefully reviewed the 343 recommendations received during its Universal Periodic Review. This response reflects our continuing efforts, in consultation with civil society, to promote, protect, and respect human rights for all.

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James Cadogan, Department of Justice – Statement at the UPR of the United States

Just as we celebrate the great advances we have made, we must rededicate ourselves to ensuring that our civil rights laws live up to their promise

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Statement by Acting Legal Adviser Mary McLeod at the UPR of the United States

Mary McLeod

The progress that democracy, free expression, and civil society can achieve in the United States is illustrated by the battle against all forms of discrimination.

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UPR of the United States: Opening Statement by Ambassador Keith Harper


We believe that every nation benefits from having a mirror held before it. Every nation has challenges, and can reach greater heights by participating seriously in the UPR.

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Large Senior Multi-agency Delegation to Represent the U.S. at May 11 UPR Review

The second Universal Periodic Review of the United States will take place on May 11, 2015.

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Submission of U.S. Universal Periodic Review Report to the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.

The United States is proud of its human rights record and the role we have played in promoting human rights and fundamental freedoms around the world. We strongly support the UPR process as an opportunity to reflect on and improve our own human rights record as we ask other member states to do, as well as to foster a global discussion of human rights.

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