World Health Organization

Collaboration, Vigilance Are Key to Disease Control

Congested slum with mountain range in the background (AP images)

Nations of the Americas have one of the world’s best records in collaborating to fight disease, and health officials from across the region say their collaboration must grow even stronger in the face of emerging health threats.

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World Health Day: Stop Disease-Carrying Pests

Madagascar seated child, red jacket, holding stack of white bags (USAID)

Mosquitoes, flies, ticks, water snails and other pests can carry diseases that sicken more than 1 billion people each year with malaria, dengue, leishmaniasis, Lyme disease, yellow fever and other dangerous conditions.

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U.S. Officials on Launch of Global Health Security Agenda

Welcome to this telebriefing where we’ll be discussing the launch of a new global health security initiative which we all hope will make the world a safer place.

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TB Survivors Increase, Deaths Decline with Global Efforts

Map of Africa, South Asia with shaded areas denoting target countries (USAID)

Thorough, effective treatment for tuberculosis has saved the lives of 22 million people in recent years, the World Health Organization (WHO) reports, while the number of people succumbing to this age-old disease has declined.

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Greater Focus on TB Screening Can Save Young Lives

Girl in headscarf looking into camera (StopTBPartnership/R.Venturi)

The lives of 74,000 children might be saved each year if specialized attention is focused on the youngest sufferers of tuberculosis (TB). A coalition of U.S. and international groups put forth a plan to do so October 1, calling it the first to specifically target TB in children under 15.

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U.S. Disease Scientist Cites Three Threats to Global Health

Dr. Tom Frieden visits a vaccine research and development laboratory in Cape Town, South Africa.

Three major vulnerabilities threaten people’s health worldwide, said the director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the agency is working around the clock to decrease the threats.

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New Treatment for Hepatitis C Shows Promise

Man pushes woman in wheelchair, other people in background (AP Images)

A majority of U.S. volunteers in a drug trial were cured of hepatitis C virus (HCV) with a treatment that is less harmful and shorter than treatments with drugs currently in use.

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Tuberculosis Genes Reveal Secrets to Disease Success

Close-up of two hands, palms up, one holding five pills (AP Images)

The bacteria that cause tuberculosis have plagued humankind for millennia, but scientists are just getting to know the pathogen at the genetic level.

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Hepatitis Day Zeroes In on “Silent Epidemic”

Rock legend Gregg Allman plazing the piano on stage

Hepatitis is the deadliest disease you hear very little about, but July 28 is a day to “know it” and “confront it,” according to the designated theme of World Hepatitis Day.

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66th World Health Assembly – Plenary Session

Secretary Sebelius

This year’s World Health Assembly theme of ensuring health’s place in the next generation of global development goals is one that we in the Americas welcome.

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