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Collaboration, Vigilance Are Key to Disease Control

Congested slum with mountain range in the background (AP images)

Nations of the Americas have one of the world’s best records in collaborating to fight disease, and health officials from across the region say their collaboration must grow even stronger in the face of emerging health threats.

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World Health Day: Stop Disease-Carrying Pests

Madagascar seated child, red jacket, holding stack of white bags (USAID)

Mosquitoes, flies, ticks, water snails and other pests can carry diseases that sicken more than 1 billion people each year with malaria, dengue, leishmaniasis, Lyme disease, yellow fever and other dangerous conditions.

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PEPFAR Countries, U.S. Working Toward AIDS-Free Generation

Deborah von Zinkernagel and Daniel W. Yohannes with papers at a table (MCC)

Our agencies opened a new collaborative chapter by signing a memorandum of agreement to advance the sustainability of PEPFAR programs. This agreement launches a three-year partnership between the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) and the State Department’s Office of the Global AIDS Coordinator, which manages PEPFAR, that will tap into what we each do best.

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Health Agencies Worldwide Join in World TB Day

World map with almost 20 countries highlighted (CDC)

Health agencies around the world are working to raise awareness and action to combat a disease that claims a victim every 18 seconds: tuberculosis.

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US joins 26 Nations in Commitment to UN Programs Against Infectious Diseases

Kathleen Sebelius and Lisa Monaco seated and talking (Department of Health and Human Services)

The U.S. joined 26 countries, the WHO, the FAO and the OIE in a commitment to accelerate progress toward a world safe from the threat of infectious disease and to the goals of the Global Health Security Agenda.

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U.S. Officials on Launch of Global Health Security Agenda

Welcome to this telebriefing where we’ll be discussing the launch of a new global health security initiative which we all hope will make the world a safer place.

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USAID Announces Award to Prevent, Repair Obstetric Fistula

Woman in colorful African dress holding child (AP Images)

Washington, 08 January 2014 More health care workers in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia will be able to prevent, detect and treat the disabling condition obstetric fistula thanks to a new project sponsored by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). USAID announced on January 6 that it had awarded the Fistula Care Plus Project, […]

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Ambassador Power Hails Global Fund and PEPFAR at Replenishment Conference

Commitments from the Global Fund and PEPFAR show what is possible when local leadership and international action come together.

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Obama Increases U.S. Commitment on World AIDS Day

Large red ribbon hanging beside columns (AP Images)

At a White House World AIDS Day event, President Obama promised new U.S. assistance to fight the disease, saying the more others contribute to the cause, the more the U.S. will contribute to better health worldwide.

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U.S. Applies Science and Resources to World AIDS Fight

Six African children, seated, eating (USAID/J.F. Kapnek Trust)

U.S. leaders in the campaign against HIV/AIDS mark the 25th anniversary of World AIDS Day with renewed commitments to continue the battle against the disease and support the 35 million people worldwide who live with the virus.

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