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Facts on U.S.-China Dialogue Strategic Track Select Outcomes

On the occasion of the Strategic and Economic Dialogue (S&ED) July 9-10, 2014, the United States and China agreed to, among other things:

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Kerry on International Day Against Drug Abuse, Trafficking

This is more than a moment to focus on drug abuse and addiction. It’s a time to connect the dots between the global flow of illicit drugs, violence that destroys communities and even nations the world over, and 21st century challenges, from human trafficking to elephant poaching to transnational crime and corruption.

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Europe, U.S. Build Defenses Against Superbugs

Electron microscope view of bacteria resembling intestine (De Wood/USDA Agriculture Research Service)

Tens of thousands of people in Europe and the United States are dying each year from infections that once were successful treated with antibiotics. A trans-Atlantic group is working to develop an effective public health response.

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Canada, Mexico, U.S. to Expand Collaboration on Health Crises

Women seated at table with assistants standing (Health and Human Services Dept.)

U.S. Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, Canadian Minister Rona Ambrose and Mexican Secretary Mercedes Juan signed a declaration of intent at a meeting during the 67th World Health Assembly in Geneva.

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Secretary Sebelius’s remarks on People-Centered and Integrated Health Care

Sec Sebelius at People-centered

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, key changes have been implemented to place the patient at the center of her care, and while problems still exist, we have made enormous progress.

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Secretary Sebelius Plenary Speech at 67th World Health Assembly


As our global community grows smaller, it becomes increasingly difficult for our respective nations to tackle health challenges in isolation. We continue to learn that borders cannot stop evolving natural threats, and that not even oceans can protect us from the spread of infectious diseases.

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Secretary Sebelius’s remarks on International Health Regulations & the Global Health Security Agenda

Kathleen Sebelius at WHA67

The ongoing outbreaks of MERS, H7N9, and Ebola remind us that every outbreak is only a plane ride away. The devastating loss of life and economic impact all of us, no matter where in the world we happen to live.
Therefore, all of us have a stake in working together across regions, across sectors, and indeed across the world.

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Ambassador Birx: PEPFAR’s Approach to Achieving an AIDS-free Generation

Together, we have made extraordinary progress toward this ambitious goal, saving millions of lives, and bringing hope and healing to communities and nations.

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About the World Health Assembly


The Sixty-seventh session of the World Health Assembly (WHA) takes place in Geneva during 19–24 May 2014.

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Collaboration, Vigilance Are Key to Disease Control

Congested slum with mountain range in the background (AP images)

Nations of the Americas have one of the world’s best records in collaborating to fight disease, and health officials from across the region say their collaboration must grow even stronger in the face of emerging health threats.

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