Conf. on Disarmament

Statement of Robert A. Wood, Nominee for U.S. Representative to the CD, before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee

Throughout its history, the CD and its predecessor bodies have made significant contributions to global arms control and nonproliferation efforts.

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Acting Under Secretary Gottemoeller: Negotiation of an FMCT an Essential Prerequisite for Global Nuclear Disarmament


We stand ready to begin negotiations on an FMCT, the next logical – and necessary – step in creating the conditions for a world without nuclear weapons.

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U.S. Opening Statement at the 2014 Session of the Conference on Disarmament

The U.S certainly shares the growing impatience of many in the international community to end the impasse at the CD.

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White House Announces Nomination of U.S. Representative to the Conference on Disarmament

President Obama has announced his intention to nominate Robert Wood, a Career Member of the Foreign Service, as the next U.S. Ambassador at the Geneva-based Conference on Disarmament.

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Sixty-Eighth UNGA First Committee Thematic Discussion on Disarmament Machinery

Christopher Buck: We would like to share the U.S. perspective on Disarmament Machinery, as well as to address the process of “Change Management” in the United Nations.

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Flag Ceremony for Retiring Ambassador Laura E. Kennedy

Flag ceremony for Ambassador Laura E. Kennedy on her retirement in July 2013.

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Remarks by Deputy Secretary Burns at Flag Ceremony for Ambassador Kennedy

Simply put, over the course of the past three-plus decades, Laura has shown us all how it’s done.

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Remarks by Ambassador Laura E. Kennedy at Her Retirement Flag Ceremony

Remarks by Ambassador Laura E. Kennedy Flag Ceremony Friday, July 12, 2013 Thank you for your kind words. Deputy Secretary Burns, you are simply an icon for the entire foreign affairs community. Director General Thomas-Greenfield,  I remember well as the President of the ‘ultimate’ Senior Seminar; it was a highlight of my career to be […]

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Remarks by Acting Under Secretary Rose Gottemoeller at Flag Ceremony for Ambassador Laura Kennedy

Ambassador Laura E. Kennedy and Acting Assistant Secretary Gottemoeller

I’ve seen first-hand, both within the CD and in many related meetings and conferences outside the CD, how her dedication and contributions have advanced U.S. foreign policy objectives. Her creativity, finesse, and skillful diplomacy have been remarkable and instrumental in forging new and stronger U.S. relationships that span the globe.

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U.S. is Prepared to Ensure a Strong, Relevant, and Robust CD

Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Anita E. Friedt delivering the U.S. Statement at the Conference on Disarmament

The United States stands with those who seek real and rapid progress on arms control and disarmament.

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