Biological Weapons

U.S. Statement at the Meeting of Experts to the BWC

The United States continues to welcome the opportunity these meetings present for a substantive dialogue on ways we can strengthen the Convention and its implementation.

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US Welcomes Burma’s Accession to the Biological Weapons Convention

Burma Becomes BWC Member

Every country that joins the BWC sends a powerful message of solidarity with the international community that the possession and use of biological weapons should not be an option.

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Meeting of the States Parties to the Biological Weapons Convention

Ambassador Wood

“March 26th of next year will mark the 40th anniversary of the Entry into force of the Biological Weapons Convention. It’s a short document, but one with big aims.”

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Video: Ambassador Robert Wood Previews BWC Meeting of States Parties


States Parties to the Biological Weapons Convention (BWC) meet December 1-5, 2014 in Geneva.

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U.S. Army to Destroy Syrian Chemical Weapons Aboard Ship

Frank Kendall at podium in front of large ship (DOD/C. Todd Lopez)

Some 64 U.S. Army specialists are expected to depart for the Mediterranean in about two weeks aboard an American-owned ship, the Cape Ray, to destroy chemical weapons from Syria.

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White House Announces Nomination of U.S. Representative to the Conference on Disarmament

President Obama has announced his intention to nominate Robert Wood, a Career Member of the Foreign Service, as the next U.S. Ambassador at the Geneva-based Conference on Disarmament.

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U.S. Statement at the Biological Weapons Convention (BWC)

We are assembled here to seek common understanding and effective action to strengthen the implementation of the Biological Weapons Convention.

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The use of chemical weapons anywhere diminishes the security of people everywhere

We call for a strong international response to this grave violation of the world’s rules and conscience that will send a clear message that this kind of atrocity can never be repeated.

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Ambassador Power at U.N. on Syria, Russia

The U.S. Mission hosted a series of briefings for Member States regarding the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian regime on August 21st.

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Global Norms Demand Response to Chemical Weapons Use

Foreground profile of journalists' heads, framing Jay Carney at podium (AP Images)

The U.S. has a national security stake in defending international prohibitions on the use of chemical weapons. Syria’s apparent “flagrant violation” of that standard demands a response, according to White House Jay Carney.

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