Arms Control

The United States Strongly Condemns Missile Launch by the D.P.R.K.

The United States strongly condemns today’s missile launch by the D.P.R.K. — a flagrant violation of UN Security Council Resolutions related to the D.P.R.K. use of ballistic missile technology.

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Secretary Kerry: Commemorating the Fifth Anniversary of the New START Treaty

Today marks the five-year anniversary of the New START Treaty, a landmark arms control agreement that has put both the United States and Russia on track to reduce our nuclear stockpiles to their lowest levels since the era of Eisenhower and Khrushchev.

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Proliferation Security Initiative 2016 Mid-Level Political Meeting

The PSI is a multinational effort to counter the proliferation of WMD. States participating in the PSI – 105 thus far – publicly commit to take specific actions to impede and stop shipments of WMD, their delivery systems, and related material to and from state and non-state actors of proliferation concern.

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Ambassador Robert Wood Addresses Conference on Disarmament Opening Plenary

We are coming off the heels of another challenging year in the CD, but the United States continues to have faith in this distinguished forum. In the past, when the CD has been able to negotiate on substance, it has made great progress in the fields of arms control and disarmament, resulting in landmark agreements. We firmly believe there is both the need and the opportunity to do so again. Nothing makes this clearer than the intensity of last year’s Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) Review Conference and UNGA First Committee session.

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Secretary Kerry: Remarks at the World Economic Forum


Nothing, in the end, would do more to terminate the threat of Daesh than, obviously, to negotiate an end to the war in Syria, and that is precisely what we are trying to do.

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Assistant Secretary Rose Commemorates Reestablishment of the U.S. Nuclear Risk Reduction Center Link with Ukraine

A secure, direct bilateral link with Ukraine is extremely valuable to both parties, especially in today’s fast-moving and saturated information environment.

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Secretary Kerry: Remarks on Implementation Day

Secretary Kerry - Implementation Day

Remarks on Implementation Day   Remarks John Kerry Secretary of State Vienna, Austria January 16, 2016   SECRETARY KERRY: Good evening, everybody. Thank you very much for your patience. And I apologize for the fact that I can’t stay to take questions, which I would like to do. But we are operating under some very […]

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Video with A/S Frank Rose: International Partnership for Nuclear Disarmament Verification


Assistant Secretary Rose gave this interview following a roundtable discussion hosted by the U.S. and Norwegian Missions in Geneva on 23 November 2015.

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Ambassador Robert Wood Addresses Biological Weapons Convention Opening Plenary


International cooperation is an important element of the BWC. We know there are disagreements about how to advance the goals of Article X of the Convention; but we should not allow those disagreements to prevent us from agreeing where we can and identifying specific steps we can take.

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VIDEO: Ambassador Wood: Strengthening the Biological Weapons Convention


The 2015 Meeting of States Parties (MSP) to the Biological Weapons Convention (BWC) will be held at the United Nations Office in Geneva from 14 to 18 December 2015.   In this interview, Ambassador Robert Wood, U.S. Special Representative for Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention Issues, discusses efforts to drive effective action toward further implementation of […]

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