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The Announcement on the Colombia Peace Process is Welcome News to All Who Desire Peace

Secretary Kerry: “I congratulate President Santos and his negotiating partners for this milestone in their ongoing effort to conclude a conflict with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) that has plagued their nation for 52 years, the longest running war in our hemisphere.”

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The United States Supports the Full Inclusion of Women in Disarmament

The vital importance of women's participation in disarmament, conflict prevention and peace-building was the focus of a plenary session of the Conference on Disarmament at the United Nations Office at Geneva May 19.  

Ambassador Robert Wood, U.S. Permanent Representative to the CD, said the United States believes the participation of women is absolutely essential to international peace and security and to our own national security.  "Wherever you look in the field of international security, American women have made their presence known," Wood said.  "From negotiating a historic agreement with Iran, locking down nuclear material all over the globe, or negotiating cuts in U.S.-Russian strategic nuclear stockpiles, the common thread is that professional women from the United States played an indispensable role." 

U.S. Mission Photo/Eric Bridiers

Ambassador Wood: “Including women and their perspectives in our conflict prevention efforts, our efforts to end wars and bring about just and sustainable peace, our efforts to protect civilian populations and hold accountable those that commit war crimes and crimes against humanity, is absolutely essential to international peace and stability, and to U.S. national security.”

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Ambassador Robert Wood’s Statement at the BWC Preparatory Committee Meeting


The BWC is an important agreement with noble objectives, and it has contributed to international peace and security. Unfortunately, it is also true that the threat of biological weapons remains real.

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Video: International Partnership for Nuclear Disarmament Verification – Interviews of the Co-Chairs of the Three Working Group


In this interview, the co-chairs of the three IPNDV working groups explain the value of the Partnership and the focus of each of the working groups which met in February 2016 in Geneva.

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Statement by President Obama on Progress in the Fight Against ISIL

Today, on the ground in Syria and in Iraq, ISIL is on the defensive. Our 66-member coalition, including Arab partners, is on the offensive. We have momentum, and we intend to keep that momentum.

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U.S. Delegation Statement on “LAWS and Human Rights/Ethics”

The United States recognizes that it is important that the CCW discussions take up the moral or ethical issues related to the use of autonomous capabilities in weapon systems. However, we must be very clear in distinguishing between what constitute ethical considerations on the one hand and legal requirements on the other.

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U.S. Delegation Statement on “Weapons Review”

We would like to take this opportunity to share our views on what a comprehensive weapon review process should entail for weapons with autonomous functions. To be clear, when I refer to a weapon review process, I am referring to more than a legal review of a weapon system.

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U.S. Delegation Statement on “Appropriate Levels of Human Judgment”

We would like to take this opportunity to explain what we mean by “appropriate levels of human judgment” as well as aspects of our policy that ensure appropriate levels of human judgments are capable of being exercised in the use of autonomous and semi-autonomous weapon systems, including potential LAWS.

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First Secretary of State Visiting Hiroshima, John Kerry: “War must never be the First Resort”


But the reason we came here was not to be stuck in the past. We came here and drew from the experience of touring in this museum how critical it is that we all apply the lessons of the past to the future and the present (…) a reminder of the depth of obligation that every single one of us in public life carries – in fact, every person in position of responsibility carries – to work for peace, to continue the efforts that President Obama and other leaders came together to talk about in Washington a few days at the Nuclear Security Summit, to create and pursue a world free from nuclear weapons.

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U.S. Supports Continued Substantive Discussion of LAWS in the CCW

The United States remains very supportive of discussing LAWS in the CCW. Like we said earlier, we think we are making good, incremental progress, but it is important to continue increasing our understanding about LAWS rather than trying to decide possible outcomes. We believe that LAWS is a complex subject that requires in-depth, substantive discussions.

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