White House Press Secretary: It’s Past Time for Security Council to Act on Syria

Press Briefing by Press Secretary Jay Carney, 1/3/2012

Excerpt on the Situation in Syria

I’ll say what I’ve said in the past, which is we — the President takes no options off the table in this situation. But we are very focused on a diplomatic approach. And it’s been 16 days since the Syrian regime signed the protocol on Arab League observers, and nine weeks since it agreed to the Arab League four-point plan of action. We have made clear that if the Arab League initiative is not implemented, the international community will have to consider new measures to compel a halt to the regime’s violence against its own citizens.

As sniper fire, torture and murder in Syria continue, it is clear that the requirements of the Arab League protocol have not been met. Across the country the Syrian people continue to suffer at the hand of the Assad regime and as indiscriminating killing and — indiscriminate killing of scores of civilians continues.  So we’re going to continue to work with our international partners. We believe it’s past time for the Security Council to act.  We want to see the international community stand together united in support of the legitimate aspirations of the Syrian people, but we’re working with our international partners to increase the pressure on the Assad regime to cease the completely unacceptable violence that it’s been perpetrating on its own citizens.

The full transcript is available here.

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